Finding out that The Mingler is actually a she.


was it just me or did literally every high-laff toon always have the small toon effect


Who remembers Tutorial Tom looking like this…


I tried.

Here you go, I’m not the best artist out there but I hope it’s good enough for you (even if I accidentally made the hair a weird blue instead of periwinkle) xD

OMG THANK YOU!!!!! <3 I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Too adorable!

hope you like it~! ( ・ω・ )ノ 

I tried, sorry if it’s not the best, haha

Hope you like it! (This is the-gingerbread-toon btw)

@askprincessviolet said: I will tomorrow

Awww thanks!! <3

@dangankitty said: i could have a go i guess :p

ahhh thank you! <3