Trying to tell people what Tumblr/Toonblr is about gets confusing sometimes.


i know this thing is kinda overdone but i felt like i rly had to.


Me trying to turn off the alarm clock in the morning


toontown: a cultural phenomenon 


urban outfitters be like


It’s a metaphor you see, every other tile is lifeless with no character while the single one has a character filled with life but with a tile still colorless. This foreshadows a self battle between him and his conscious about his purpose in life.

little introduction post


hey! I’m Emmy (Lord Feathermuffin on TTR) and I’m 19 and I played the original toontown when I was little! it’s so cool to see that there is a TTR community here on tumblr. I’d totally forgotten how fun this stupid game is and it’s even better now that its free lmao.

I don’t yet have a beta key…



check out the toontown badges I found today!! my sister and I were clearing out junk at home and these were stuffed into an old purse. it’s lucky that I looked inside! these used to arrive in the post with the toontown newsletter in the UK.


I accidentally walked into a Flunky and we both were unable to move until the server stopped working